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KURMA GECO – Yoga Mat 4mm

Rp 1,625,000


– Panjang X Lebar X Tebal : 185cm x 66 cm x 4mm (lebih panjang dari kelasnya).
– Berat nett: 1.9kg 
– 100% Rubber, Open Cell
– Untuk KERINGAT SEDANG – BANYAK – Sangat Anti Slip
– Equivalent dengan manduka GRP, Jade Yoga, Lulu Lemon, Liforme
– Cocok untuk Hot Yoga, Vinyasa dan Ashtanga.
– Permukaan dapat dipakai bolak balik, memperpanjang umur dari yoga mat.
– Buatan Spain (Eropa).
– Eco friendly, Oekotex 100 (European Eco-friendly commttee).
– Ramah lingkungan dan mudah di daur ulang.
– Inovasi 3 layers (lapisan).
– Tidak ada breaking period seperti hal nya yoga mat PVC dari German

beli di tokopedia - yoganeka


Beli di Tokopedia


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Thickness: 4 mm. Length x Widh: 185cm x 66cm
-High-grade natural and synthetic rubber (partially recycled): free of Nitrosamines and PAH’s
-Innovative three-layer technology for enhanced durability
-Maximum grip, no breaking in required
-Lightweight, take it wherever you go
-Emission-free, energy efficient manufacturing
-100% industrially recyclable (read more)
-STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified (Product Class I)
-Made in Spain

Kurma GECO yoga mat sangat cocok bagi yang mempunyai telapak tangan sering berkeringat (hiperhidrosis). Tetap anti-slip dan tidak akan terpeleset.

Kurma GECO - Lagoon - yoga mat / matras yoga


Useful tip:

When first out of packaging, the GECO Lite has a rubber smell that will dissipate with time and increased air exposure. Prior to initial use, we recommend leaving your mat to air out overnight.

Wash your hands with soap and water before using your GECO Lite mat. It is essential to remove natural oils or hand cream etcetera because this will cause slippage.

For heated classes or high-intensity practices, a yoga towel is indispensable.

To store:

To store, always roll your mat with the top surface with the logo facing outwards. Avoid prolonged sunlight exposure to limit the oxidization of the top surface and extend the life of your mat.

To clean:

For a quick cleaning after every practice, simply wipe the surface of your mat with a moist cloth. Leave the mat flat on the floor to dry. On occasion for deeper cleaning, use a mild organic detergent or soap (no solvents, no harsh abrasives). Omit the logo area to prevent degradation. Wipe the surface clean with a cloth and fresh water. Leave the mat flat on the floor to fully dry.

Weight 2.8 kg
Dimensions 185 × 66 × 0.4 cm
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